Philani Child Health & Nutrition Project
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Philani is committed to the promotion of good child health and nutrition, the prevention of child malnutrition and the rehabilitation of underweight children to normal nutrition status and good health, in a caring, supportive, environment. It is also committed to limiting the suffering of families infected and affected by HIV and preventing the spread of the virus through a comprehensive programme of education, care, support and treatment.

Philani's vision is a South Africa where every child can grow up healthy and well nourished to fulfill his or her physical and mental potential.

The organization is also committed to the education and training of women in skills to generate income, in order to make previously destitute families economically independent and in that way prevent child malnutrition and contribute to the development of their communities. Philani's development programmes specifically target young women for education and skills training, to give them independence and power to make decisions about their own lives. Women without education and economic independence become especially vulnerable to sexual and other abuse and with that also to the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Philani is committed to using its access to and credibility within its target communities to fight HIV/AIDS through the empowerment of women, education of men, and care of children affected by or infected with the virus.

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