Philani Child Health & Nutrition Project
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Philani’s Home Based Care Programme developed as a result of the needs that were identified by Outreach Workers during their home visits. Not only were they finding children with mothers too ill to take care of them, but also children with parents who had died due to HIV/AIDS. They also discovered older people who had become frail and incapacitated and were no longer able to care for themselves or their grandchildren. Philani’s Outreach Workers found themselves being increasingly confronted with these situations during their home visits. As a result of their advocacy, Philani, in 2005, requested funding from the Department of Health in the Western Cape to implement a Home Based Care Programme to meet the needs of this population and in 2006, the programme was started.

The Programme

The objective of this programme is to provide home based care to bedridden, chronically ill people in some of Philani’s target communities. Clients are referred to the programme by government clinics and hospitals, by Philanio’s Outreach Workers and through self referral. The services provided are, amongst others, anti retro viral and TB treatment support, disease prevention and health promotion.

In order to promote, restore and maintain clients’ maximum comfort and care in their own homes, the focus of the Home Based Carers is to empower families, improve client mobility and provide counselling and referrals to necessary services. As part of capacity building, carers participate in a four year programme of national Expanded Public Works Programme classroom training as well as in-service training.

Philani presently employs twenty home based carers who look after bedridden and chronically ill patients in their homes. Many HIV positive women, men and children need care when starting treatment and during illness. The home based carers are also trained to provide care to the terminally ill and to support families caring for very ill patients.


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