Philani Child Health & Nutrition Project
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Our patron

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a committed Patron and has been a dear friend to Philani since he opened the Philani Development Centre on Freedom Day in 1995. In recognition of his 75th birthday in 2006, Philani became the beneficiary of funds which enabled us to initiate the Desmond Tutu Scholarship Fund, so called because it responds to positive action, rather than being a relief fund.


Philani believes in employing skilled and capable staff while recognizing potential for building capacity in members of the communities we serve. Thirty members of staff are currently employed, including Outreach Coordinators, a medical doctor, a nursing sister, administrative staff, a driver, educare teachers, nutrition advisors, weaving teachers and a project manager. Most of these staff live in the local community. Philani has also around 100 paid volunteers, the majority of whom are Outreach Workers and Home-based Carers - all are members of Philani's communities.
Details of staff

Management Committee

Philani was established during Apartheid - a political system that robbed the majority of South Africans of political and economic rights. In this setting it became especially important to establish democratic structures and practices within Philani, such as involving representatives from all levels of the organization in its decision-making processes through the establishment of a Management Committee. The fact that people with knowledge and understanding of the community made management decisions is one of the reasons that the organization survived the turbulent political times of the 1980s. The Management Committee has credibility and respect within the organization and in the greater community: it takes all important management decisions and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization.

Board of Trustees

Philani is a trust, governed by a Deed of Trust. The final and overall responsibility for the organization and its policy decisions rests with the Philani Board of Trustees.

Professor Annette Seegers - Chairperson (Professor in Political Science, University of Cape Town)
Dr Pumla Mawisa - Acting Treasurer (Medical Doctor General Practitioner/Nutritionist)
Ms Anna Genu (Community Health Work Coordinator, SACLA)
Dr Nwabisa Bangeni (Lecturer, Stellenbosch University)
Dr Ingrid le Roux (Philani Medical Doctor)
Ms Nokwanele Mbewu (Philani Outreach Coordinator)

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