Philani Child Health & Nutrition Project
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'Philani has provided life and hope with great commitment and loyalty since 1979...' Archbishop Desmond Tutu

In 2006, Philani's Patron, Archbishop Tutu, celebrated his 75th birthday. In recognition of this important occasion, Philani became the beneficiary of funds which enabled us to initiate the Philani Desmond Tutu Scholarship Fund, so called because it responds to positive action, rather than being a relief fund.

How the fund works

The fund benefits mothers on our Outreach Programme who, despite their poverty, have shown great dedication in working with us to rehabilitate their malnourished children. Each family receives R300 a month for six months to one year. This small amount enables mothers to pursue employment or skills training, hopefully securing a better future for themselves and their families.

Currently 60 families are enrolled in this programme and with ongoing donations from supporters, Philani will be able to increase the number of families who will benefit from this fund in the future.


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